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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

BEST SITES TO EARN MONEY ONLINE Without Investment - Online Jobs


Top & genuine sites to earn money without Investment

Listed below are some of the best sites you can work with & earn extra income online.

1.  CAPTCHA entry sites

 CAPTCHA  entry is like a data entry job. you will be paid for solving these captcha with some amount. amount differs from one site to another. listed below are some of the good sites where you can earn a good money. 

          If you are looking for online data entry jobs then you must go for captcha entry sites. Because here you don’t need any previous work experience. If your typing speed is good then you can earn a decent income monthly. Captcha entry job is not like just work for 1 hour a day & earn a lot. You need to work hard here then only you can earn around 10K to 20K per month depending on your work.

          Minimum requirement:  Own PC with fast internet connection & good typing speed with good skill in using internet.


2. PTC ( Paid to click) sites         

PTC- Paid To Click sites perform the role of a middleman between advertisers and consumers. all the advertising sites wants to display or advertise their products or sites. so the advert the advertiser pays for displaying their ads to PTC sites & PTC sites gives a part of payment to the viewers when he/she surfs the advertise on their sites. 

Paid to click sites are the best to start working with if want to earn money online. Because here you cant earn huge amount, but you can start you internet earning with some pennys.  Before starting work with PTC site, you need to choose the right & genuine PTC sites. Most of the PTC sites turns scam when it comes to payment. 


3. Traffic Exchange sites

Traffic exchange sites are the one which provides the opportunity for new bloggers or new websites owners to promote their website inorder to reach maximum viewers. Concept is simple. You need to visit others websites & inexchange they will view your website. If you own a website & if u don’t have enough views then these types of sites can help you in promotion of your websites.

But, some of the Traffic Exchange sites also pays to their members for maximum surfing. (Like 0.30$/1000 pages surfed Etc.,) you need to view pages for specific amount of time. ( like 10 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec Or 1 min) depending on the sites which you are working with. 

Some of the best sites are listed below.  

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4. 100 % Refferal commision sites

 These are the sites which gives their members the opportunity to earn huge amount with their referrals. The concept is like if you refer new members to these sites & if they signup using your referral links then whatever earning they will made by viewing advertisement or upgrading to premium membership then you will get 100% earning from your referral. If you have the capacity to recruit as more numbers of  members as your deferrals then these sites are the heaven for you. Because you don’t need to do anything here. Just refer as much members as possible & they will earn for you. 

Example of referral commision
10 referrals X $0.10/ day from cash links X 30 days = $30 X 12 months = 360$
100 referrals X $0.10 / day from cash links X 30 days = $300 X 12 months = 3600$
500 referrals X $0.10 / day from cash links X 30 days = $1,500 X 12 months = 18000$
1000 referrals X $0.10 / day from cash links X 30 days = $3,000 X 12 months = 36000$

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5. PTR (Paid to Read - Emails) Sites

PTR sites also work with same concept as PTC sites. But here you will get emails which you need to read to earn money.

PTR sites also distributes a part money to the viewers which they have got from advertisers to promote their contents to the viewers. PTR sites viewers will get emails regularly which they have to view orderings to get specified amount. normally these types of E-mails contains information about advertisements.  


5. Paid Survey Sites 

Survey sites are also another way to earn money online. Here you need to answer the questions. Usually these types of surveys asks about your opinion about different products.

To receive money from these type of surveys first you need to qualify for the survey which is a bit difficult. Here earning depends on different types of surveys. If the survey length is high then you will get good amount. If the survey length is small then you can earn just a few Pennines.   

Some of the Survey sites are as follows.,

1.     Toluna
2.     mysurvey
3.     getcashforsurvey
4.     inboxdollars
5.     vindale
6.     panelstation
7.     Ipoll
8.     ipanelonline
9.     univoxcommunity
10. viewfruit

6. PPT ( Pay Per Task) Sites

 It is another way to earn money online. Here you need to complete small tasks alloted to you. Usually these types of tasks will be like watching youtube videos & giving likes or reviews, Liking facebook pages, Surfing websites, giving reviews to posts, Sharing posts on facebook  or Twitter.
Here you cant expect very high amount, but you can definitely earn decent amount depending upon your work and successful completion of tasks. 

Some of the good & genuine micro working sites are as follows.,

1.     Crowd flower
2.     Amazon mechanical turk
3.     Microworkers.com
4.     Crowd source
5.     Fiverr
6.     Fusion cash

work with the sites mentioned above & you can you can make decent money monthly. 

you must have Paypal / payza account.
( if you dont have paypal / payza account you can create one & it will take no more than 10-15 minutes ) 

 Hope the information mentioned above helps.

Location: Karnataka, India


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