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Monday, 11 April 2016


Best Manual surf Traffic Exchange sites

Ranking the Top Manual surf traffic exchange sites
to promote websites

1.   Leadsleap.com

Perfect traffic & lead generating system.
Real traffic by real members.
Earn credits & promote websites free
Highly Recommended
Earn Money / High earning Potential

2.   Easyhits4u.com

1:1  (20 sec )& 2:1(15 sec) traffic ratio
15 sec – 20 sec timer
fast traffic delivery
Earn $0.30 for Every 1000 pages surfed
$0.10 for every person you refer

3.   Traffic Monsoon

Since 2007
2:1 surf ratio
20 sec timer
Traffic delivery is Avg.
Earn cash daily from cash links
Get 100% cash commissions from your referrer
4.   Hitlink

1:1 surf ratio
6-15 sec timer
Earn cash prices for surfing
Creative surf bar
Upto 50% cash commissions from referrers

5.   Trafficsplash

1:1 surf ratio
Reward for every 30 pages surfed
Fast traffic hits
Earn money for referring others

6.   Manyhit

10 sec timer
Fast hits
Both Auto surf & Manual surf
Earn credits without login
All countries & languages are accepted
Earn cash for surfing
$1 minimum payout (PayPal)

7.   Trafficswirl

8 sec timer
Real cash commissions
Weekly cash contest
Earn reward for every 45 pages surfed
Fast traffic delivery
8.   Hitsafari

Since 2003
Stable surf bar
High quality traffic
Text & Banner exchange

9.   froghits

10 Sec Timer
150 free hits when you join
500 banner impressions &
1000 Text link impressions (signup bonus)
4:3 traffic exchange ratio
0.10$ referral commissions
Payout via PayPal
2$ Min Payout

10.                     surfers2u

9 Sec Timer
300 free Bonus credits you join
500 banner impressions &
1000 Text link impressions (signup bonus)
650 Monthly bonus credits
4:3 traffic exchange ratio
30%  referral commissions
Payout via PayPal
3$ Min Payout

11.                     Smileytraffic

Earn $0.003 for Every 100 Pages surfed
0.15$ referral commissions
Both Auto surf & Manual surf
Very old traffic exchange site
Signup & surf 100 pages to receive bonus

12.                     TE racing league

Latest Traffic Exchange sites
7 Second Timer
3:1 Surf Ratio
5% Commissions
Promote up to 5 Sites/Banners/Texts links
$20 Cash out
13.                     Hit2Hit

6 Second Timer
2:1 Surf Ratio
14.                     Tophits4u

Up to 30% referral cash commissions
Worldwide traffic
15.                     Ilovehits

Online since 2001
3:1 OR 5:3 traffic ratio
Adult & frame breaker sites are not allowed
16.                     Startxchange

Stable surf bar
No cash commissions
PTP, Investment, Gambling / casino sites are not allowed
17.                     Trafficswarm

Online since 2004
Unique traffic exchange system
Free website submissions to Google, Yahoo, Bing Etc
Get Paid for your opinion
Free website builder & ad tracking tools
Win cash prizes
18.                     Top1hits

2:1 surf ratio
10 Sec timer
Promote up to 7 Url’s
Surf for Cash
10% referral commissions

19.                     Legacyhits

2:1 surf ratio
10 Sec timer
Surf to earn credits & receive hits
Adult sites/ PTP sites are not allowed
20.                     Tezaktrafficpower

3:1 surf ratio
8 Sec timer
Promote websites/ Banner ads/ Text links
21.                     Dragonsurf

More than 100000+ members
Fast website hits
10 sec timer
NO cash commissions for surf & referrals

22.                     Realhitz4u

15 Sec timer
Promote websites/ Banner ads/ Text links
Instant site approval

23.                     24sevenhits

14 sec timer
240 Free credits/  signup bonus
earn credits from PTC links & referrals
Promote up to 10 sites
Promote websites/ Banner ads/ Text links

24.                     Yibbida

1000 free credits/ signup bonus
1:1 surf ratio
Promote up to 5 links
Promote websites/ Banner ads/ Text links
Free 100 Bonus credits every month
10% referral commissions

25.                     TrafficG

1000 free credits/ signup bonus
1:1 surf ratio
Geo targeting
Promote unlimited sites / Banners
10 free visitor credits / 1000 free banner impressions
38 languages supported
Promote websites/ Banner ads/ Text links
Free 100 Bonus credits every month
10% referral commissions

Friday, 1 April 2016


Best Auto surf Traffic Exchange sites

Ranking the Top Auto surf traffic exchange sites
 to promote websites

1.   Hitleap

10-60 sec timer.
Fast traffic delivery.
Hide the referrer
Recommended to upgrade to pro membership

2.   Websyndic

Hide or change the referrer
Super fast traffic delivery
15sec-5min timer
Set your desired timings
Multiple surf sessions on unique Ip
Use VPN for different IP

3.   Feelingsurf

Since 2007
Very  Fast traffic delivery
Hide the referrer
Geo targeting option
Multiple surf session on different IP
Get 100 hits as signup bonus

4.   Alexamaster.net

Fast traffic hits
Promote websites,
Get free FB likes, You tube views
Earn money for surfing

5.   Ebesucher.com

Fast website hits
Traffic exchange & mail exchange

6.   Otohits

10-600 sec timer
Stable surf bar
Fast traffic delivery
Multiple surf session with unique IP

7.   Alexasurfing.com

100 free hits / signup bonus
Promote websites. FB pages & YouTube videos
Earn money for surfing
Fast traffic hits

8.   Alexasurf.net

5000 credits just for signup
Set the custom referrer
10 sec timer
Fast hits
Sites with video are accepted
Both Auto surf & Manual surf
Earn credits without login
All countries & languages are accepted

9.   Rankboostup

Most of the traffic comes from USA
Multiple surf session with unique IP
Up to 30% cash & minutes commission from referrer’s
Geo targeting options
Stable surf bar
Set hourly limits
Custom referrers options

10.                     Hit4Hit.org

Stable surf bar
Traffic mostly comes from unique Ip’s
Ads & Banner exchange

11.                     Manyhit

Both Auto surf & Manual surf
Stable surf bar
0.8 exchange rate
Surf without login
Run unlimited
Earn 10% credits from referred members

12.                     Netvisiteurs

French Auto surf site
8-165 sec timer
Hide the referrer
Delivers Fast hits

13.                     Smileytraffic

Both Auto surf & Manual surf
Very old traffic exchange site
Signup & surf 100 pages to receive bonus

14.                     10KHits

Free 100 traffic points as signup bonus
10 sec-60sec timer
Lightweight traffic exchanger
Boost your website’s alexa rank

15.                     Bighits4u

User friendly traffic exchange
Fast traffic delivery
 Up to 20% referral commission
Surf continuously without crashing
with Auto surf Application

16.                     247webhits

Latest Traffic exchange site
Almost same as Hitleap
View others websites & receive hits to your site
Fast traffic delivery

17.                     Redsurf.ru

Russian traffic exchange site
Stable surf bar
Fast traffic hits

18.                     Livesurf

Another Russian site
Lot of members
Fast traffic delivery

19.                     247Autohits

Delivering traffic since 2006
Earn cash commission for referring others
No waiting for website approval
Just signup & get hits

20.                     AutoWebsurf

10 – 300 sec timer
Hourly traffic control
Hide the referrer
Multiple surf session on different Ip’s
Referral cash commission up to 40%
Banner & text Ad option

21.                     Twisttrix

1000 website hits as signup bonus
Traffic exchange & email advertising
Up to 50% affiliate commissions
Fast hits & stable surf bar

22.                     Autoearnhits

Custom timer
Hide the HTTP referrer
Fast website approval
100% Automatic

23.                     Autosurftraffic

20sec timer
Fast website hits

24.                     Autosurfmax

5000 free visits as signup bonus
Earn 1points for every 10 sec
Set your desired timer
100 free credits / month

25.                     24sevenhits

18 sec timer
600 free credits as signup bonus
Both Auto surf & Manual surf options
Earn credits by referrals & paid to click ads

26.                     Bestfreetraffic.net

Both Auto surf & Manual surf
15 sec timer
500 free auto credits as signup bonus
More options to earn credits
Win surfing bonus for max. surf / day

27.                     Hits9.com

9 sec timer
2:1 surf ratio
Fast website approvals
24X7 hits
20% free credits as referral bonus

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